Dr. Mel ButlerSR. V.P Marketing

Mel is a native of Baltimore Maryland and one of twelve children. His accomplishments include:

Morgan State University Graduate/BS in Marketing/Double MBA (simultaneously), in Marketing and Management

Formed Mel Butler Associates and was awarded the third Army Command Contract to assist in the recruitment and retention of minority Officers from ROTC Programs at the following Universities: Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Loyola of Baltimore , Morgan , Coppin , Howard, Bowie, and Towson.

Staff and Board Training for Baltimore City, Model Cities, Teen Centers and Cultural Arts Programs

Consulted and Assisted in the creation of Baltimore’s first Salute to Soul of the City Festival, now known as “AFRAM”

Started the first Minority Technology Commercialization Center which included the evaluation of the Hummer, Hot Pockets, Bad News All-Purpose Sauce, and Internet Highway

Certified Master Consultant in the Evaluation and Marketing of Diamonds

Talent Consultant for Disney, Ford Motor Company, and United Airlines

Consultant and Contractor for the Small Business Administration, MBDA, and Commerce Department

Personal Consultant for the following prominent business people: Dr. Ophelia De’Vore (Grace Del Marco Modeling Agency
Roseavelt Giles, CEO of IMS and Author of Cisco Study Guide to Certification
The late Jimmy Hill and his two sons producer for Fantasia (recording artist), and her drummer, Javon and Jimmy Hill, Jr.
Dennis Chambers, Drummer for Santana
Maggie Anderson, Author of “Our Black Year”
Lolita A. Kelson, Author of “IT’S NOT PERSONAL, IT’S PENIS! REAL MEN FEEL”

Mel Butler continues to work with non-profits to benefit youth in areas of Training and Internship development. Organizations such as ACE (Alliance for Career and Education LLC), STEMTOWN USA, Harlem Wizards, Harlem Globetrotters and Boys and Girls Club of America.

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